What is the Journey into Health 10 Day Cleanse?

There are many different kinds of cleanses out there and it can be confusing to decide which one is right for you. This cleanse is focused on healing and sealing our gut lining, balancing our gut flora and helping our body rid itself of toxins. It’s also an elimination diet where common trigger foods are taken out for 10 days and slowly added back in. This process informs you about food sensitivities that may be causing symptoms. I believe that our gut and microbiome is the foundation of overall health and wellbeing. Heal the gut, and all of our systems improve!

What is leaky gut and do you have it?

Leaky gut is becoming an epidemic in our modern world causing a spectrum of problems from skin conditions to food allergies and auto immune disease. Tight junctions between cells in the small intestine start to break down and eventually create holes allowing food particles to enter into the bloodstream. The immune system then starts to attack the food particles creating allergies or auto immune disease. If you are struggling with either one of these, it is a sure sign there is some gut permeability in your gut lining. Two of the biggest things that cause the break down of the tight junctions are gluten and pesticide residue on commercial produce.


What does the cleanse include?

When you sign up for the cleanse, I will send you the cleansing guide. In it you will find a shopping list, organization tips, meal plans, lots of simple and quick recipes, beneficial cleansing activities, restaurant guide, information about intermittent fasting and more! You will get access to a basic how to do the cleanse video with explanations of why we will be eliminating some foods and what food is included. Before the cleanse begins, there will be a meet and greet kick off followed by a Q & A session. For remote cleansers, this will be done in a webinar format. For 10 days I will support you through the process. There will be a private FB page where participants can share their experiences, ask questions and post any cleanse related information. Everyday I will post educational videos to deepen your knowledge of gut health and motivate you. It’s fun to cleanse as a group and there will be a few opportunities to get together and connect with other cleansers. On day 10 we will get together for a final day pot luck party.

Benefits of the cleanse:

  • Healthy weight loss

  • More energy

  • Clear skin

  • Better sleep

  • Improved digestion

  • Reduced sugar cravings